Working in a multicultural environment I have learned to listen and respect the views of those close to me, to understand each individual with their various strengths and flaws, to understand the mentality and reality of each entity in relation to the environment in which they developed and lived. I believe that the interest and ability of each person, as well as the value of effective communication are the first steps toward development.

Professional and ethical principles that guide me:

        1. I act honorably
        2. I act with integrity
        3. I am open and transparent in my views
        4. I am responsible for my actions
        5. I understand and act based on the mandate I received
        6. I am always objective
        7. I always treat people with respect
        8. I am a good example
        9. I have the courage to take action
      10. I obey the law and act within its limitations
      11. I avoid conflicts of interest
      12. I respect confidentiality

The steps have taken me first towards the university classrooms and lecture rooms - especially those of legal and economic profile. In parallel, I got involved in practical activities that helped me solve current problems encountered in the management and development of real estate assets (mainly in Bucharest, Romania). I have performed various forms of property management, including that of the management problems and / or of litigious real estate relationships (also known as distressed assets), reaching my own know how, that smoothed my way to success. I practiced the real estate practice diversity management and all these helped me knit the elements essential for efficient result-oriented activities.

Concretely speaking, my personal resume includes:

  • Board member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Romania 
  • Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) - Specialization Commercial Property Practice
  • Expert witness - accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Justice - specialised in real estate valuations
  • Real estate appraiser – authorized, licensed and member of the National Association of Licensed Appraisers in Romania - ANEVAR
  • "Romania Green Building Professional" - Certification & Training program - RoGBC
  • Senior Distressed Real Estate Manager at Gatedoor Holdings - commercial and industrial real estate assets
  • Master in International Business - Faculty of International Relations - Academy of Economic Studies
  • Master in Business Law - Faculty of Law – Romanian-American University
  • Degree in Legal Sciences - Faculty of Law - Romanian-American University

       Moreover, because sometimes I take a break, I am keen on practicing kyudo, cooking and even gardening.
       Yours sincerely,

        Radu Bogdan Stefan